Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wherein a very tired young woman attempts to figure shit out.

First thing's first, whoever keyed my Harley, I'm going to tie your ankle to a cinderblock and throw said cinderblock off a cliff. Doubt it was any of you chaps with a blog, in fact, I'm next to positive it's not because odds are before today you didn't even know I knew how to ride a motorcycle let alone owned one. But still, bad form (insert convenient link to Hyopcritical Humor on TV Tropes here, I guess).

Second order of business, I wasn't totally awake when I explained (badly) exactly why I'm not making any effort to break free of Big Blue. Trust has shit-all to do with it. It's pragmatism pure and simple. I'm gonna assume we've all read or heard the story of David and Goliath. Big, powerful warrior rolls into town with his homies, terrorizes the local populace, and God helps out some kid with a sling to kill him in one shot. Now, imagine that shot just served to piss Goliath off and Goliath ripped David's head off. A smart townsperson would either opt to run the hell away (only to get picked off by Goliath at a later date) or join Goliath's gang and get a good chance of not being his target so long as you do your job. I opted for the 'work with the guy that's winning' route. Do I expect you to like or appreciate, or even respect this decision? No, not really. On the other hand, I don't really care. I don't even like half of you, and the other half I like too much to care. But there you have it, for better or worse.

Third on the agenda, no, I'm still not planning on spending entire blog posts drooling on my shirt and going 'hurrdurr teh mastar gonna killz u.' If Big Blue decides to have one of us merry henchmen kill someone, then that's how it goes. Mostly, though, he's been getting more active. I guess the whole Orcus On His Throne spiel got boring. Can't blame him, if I were a general I'd lead from the front (though that might just be my flair for the dramatic talking).

And, no, I haven't been given any work recently, though word on the grapevine is something's gonna filter down soon.


  1. I don't expect you to listen to me. But like I said before, you're not really talking to us about all of this. You're really just trying to convince yourself that this is your only option. The thing that all of these entities want you to believe is that you have no choice, that you MUST do as they say. It's never true. It'd be easier if it was true, but it's not.

    There is always a choice left. It's just a question of how much it will hurt. It's not about pragmatism, what you're doing, it's about ignoring the gun at your head until he pulls the trigger. Know what I mean?

    Anyway, what do I know? I'm the nut in the corner. Keep on denying what you're really doing to yourself, and the fact that really you're making Cheska pick your decision because it's a further method of convincing yourself this is the only option. And I'll go on being the harmless madman in the corner of the room. ~_^

  2. You don't seem particularly merry.

  3. Give her time. She will grow to love her job, I just know it.

  4. really? are we gonna get to do something fun, fizzy? c:

  5. Amalgamation: It's like I said, I don't really expect you guys to understand.
    Morning: Uh-huh. We'll see how it turns out.
    GG: Dunno, kiddo. It'll probably be me and Cheska on this coming job, but we can always hang out together.

  6. I understand Fizz, even if these other guys don't. I've thought about doing what you're doing often enough. I don't think any less of you. And I know that you're smart enough to not expect any mercy if we have to fight, so I'm not even going to bother saying it.

  7. All I ask is if we end up not bein' able to finish it in one night, we can grab a beer and finish it on Day 2.

  8. Heh, that'd be nice actually.

  9. Gotcha, Fizz.

    I just-- miss you. The proper you. You know the one. The one that doesn't have to murder me on sight.

    Christ, this is sounding sappier than a shitty romance movie. Hope you fail, hun, much as I love you. I love people being alive more, even if some of them are undeniable fuckwits. Good luck on enjoying yourself, bad luck on your killing of other people. Capisci?

  10. awwww, i'm kinda bored right now. i won't be messing with Mommy and daddy for a little while so there's nothing to do. it would be awesome if we could hang out together sometime! c:

  11. I know, Jean. It's like I said, I'm still me. Just batting for the other team (incidentally, the last time I said that my parents fainted).

    Well, kiddo, we'll work something out sooner or later, ya?

  12. Hey Fizzshit, you do know you're never safe from Master. No matter what ''team'' you're on.

    When he decides to kill you, he'll do it. No matter what. Whether you do your job correctly or not. It's how he rolls.

  13. Pffffffffffffffffffffffffft. Filter down? You remind me of Snore.

    "Frap give us the skinny on what happened."

    I just. . .that was so ridiculous I can't help but laugh.

  14. yeah! i wanna come and see you and chess soon. c:

  15. Nil - There is absolutely no reason for profanity. Also, if he kills his proxies/henchmen, why hasn't he ganked that crazy kid from H(a)unting yet, hm? Matter of fact, mind explaining why Redlight's still walking around, or why he's been letting Tim be, or even why he's letting Zero continue living?

    Your logic has a few holes in it. No evidence to the contrary leaves me perfectly within the realm of sanity to assume safety by siding with the winning team.

    Hellfire - I'll be fair here, Snore-De-Bliss is a pretty catchy guy to read, it's almost like listening to an emcee introduce the next act.

    Kiddo - Sure! I'll even steal a line from that crazy bitch with the chess fetish and say we can watch your favorite Disney movies next time.

  16. yes! this sounds awesome! i like peter pan and sleeping beauty. we should watch them together and then eat together and then play some games- hehehehehe, i'm so excited! c:

  17. Actually, Slender Man did mentally assault some of his followers in Boston once. When Clyde helped Ron disappear off the radar briefly, your new boss was not pleased and we had a front row seat as It took Its anger out on Its followers when Allen, the one blogging, went from clear English to standard Proxy code and gibberish in real time.

    For the H(a)unting group, It is trying to understand why she doesn't fear It, remember?

    As for Redlight, he's probably still still serving It or It still has use for It.

    As for Zero: read his blog. It's obviously that It is using him.

  18. With H(a)unting, that begs the question: Big Blue's shown to not give much of a fuck if he doesn't scare anyone else, why is Ms. Tensor Product-Eye any different? That explanation doesn't add up, and that's going by the standards of our fucked-up universe where you can take two plus two and come up with a dead body with bagged organs shoved onto a tree branch by some skinny fuck.

    As for Boston, well, lemme put it this way: Who the fuck posts on a blog while they're being tortured? Sounds like the guy's less a +3 Longsword of Owl's Wisdom and more a Cursed -3 Longsword of Feeblemind.

  19. I think you're forgetting that one of the effects of The Black King's mental attacks is conpulsive writing. I will tell you now that Allen was not of feeble mind. Just too self-assured for his own good.

  20. Cerberus was trying to say something to his beloved. Alone had tortured him so much his mind was probably frazzled.

    That and Allen probably FORCED him to write on his blog.

    As for Alone's post. Just read Black Leaf's comment.

  21. Thank you, Nil. Clyde/Cerberus was being forced to post certain things and was otherwise trying to convey information whenever he could.

    As for Allen, Allen was in charge of all things slender-related in Massachusetts for 20 years going on 21 serving as a land owner for The Black King much like the Detective's prime suspect.
    Then one oversight was the end of him. He never saw my defection coming because he was very confident in The Black King's hold over me.